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Corrosion Grenade "Pull the Pin" on Corrosion

Introducing the World's first clamp-on corrosion inhibitor for Air Conditioning systems

For years, air conditioning manufacturers have been plagued with the expensive problem of metal part failure. Dealers have also paid a price, because warranty service isn't very affordable.

That's history. Now dealers can just fasten a new CORROSION GRENADE unit to the suction line of anyair conditioner to dramatically slow corrosion of all nearby metal parts. It protects continuously, even in hostile salt conditions. Works like magic, but it's science.

The CORROSION GRENADE unit protects metal parts by acting as a "sacrificed anode." It corrodes instead of expensive air conditioning parts like aluminum fins, copper piping and galvanized steel.

Works like magic, but its science

The science of galvanic corrosion has been understood since the 1800's. The marine indusry has been using the science of "sacrificial anodes" for over twenty years to protect the other expensive metals in the engine compartment. The plumbing industry has been using this concept inside of water heaters for decades also. This same science is now being applied to protect one of the most expensive appliances you own. Your air conditioner or heat pump.