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Horry Electric Co-op Connections Program

Horry Electric Cooperative

Co-op Connections Programs

This program benefits electric cooperative members by offering valuable discounts from participating businesses and increases customer visits to local businesses. All 55,000 members are recieving the discount card/key fob they will show to any participating business to receive the businesses advertised discount.

A list of participating businesses will be provided to all Horry Electric members. These businesses are also posted on the web at:

What you need to know about Four Star Plumbing & Air Conditioning and their participation in the program.

Horry SC Air Conditioning

We are offering a 10% discount to customers with the Co-op Card!

Details about the discount:

How it can be used:

  • This discount CAN be used on ANY Plumbing or Air Conditioning Service*.
  • This discount CAN be used on service*, repair or replacement.
  • This discount MUST be presented at time of service*. We will not be giving retroactive discounts.
  • Customers should mention the discount when they schedule a service call.

How it cannot be used:

  • This discount CANNOT be combined with any other offer! (this includes, but is not limited to: Service Agreement discounts, Senior Discounts, Yellow Page Discounts, Coupons, Business Cards, Verbal Discounts, the $70 HVAC Tune-Up Special**, $99 Drain Cleaning Special**, etc.- can only use one type of discount per service work/call.)
  • If no work is performed this discount CANNOT be used toward the Service Fee or Emergency Fee. A service* work must be performed for the customer to receive the discount of 10%.
  • CANNOT be used in a retroactive manner (discount card must be presented at time of service).
  • *Service (work) indicates that work was performed (An inspection or estimate is not considered service work as no work was performed. Work/Service means something was repaired/replaced/installed).
  • **The $70 HVAC Tune-Up & the $99 Drain Cleaning Special are already at a discounted price