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Air Conditioning Installations and Repairs in Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Areas

Does your air conditioning system work the way you want it to? Does it stream a constant flow of cool air during the hot summer months? Or are all the parts up to date so that you prevent any problems that could occur?

Make sure you have the best air conditioning system for your family or business.

Four Star Plumbing & Air Conditioning is here to deliver.

At Four Star Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we offer all air conditioning services including: installation, maintenance, repair, and tune-ups. We will make sure that your air conditioning system works quickly and effectively whenever you need it.

We provide All Air Conditioning Services in Horry and Georgetown:

Horry & Georgetown SC AC Repairs

Our air conditioning services include:

  • Whole house comfort checks
  • Annual AC tune-up and inspection of cooling systems
  • Central air conditioning repair, installation, and updates
  • Air duct and vent installation and repair
  • Energy saving thermostat
  • Indoor air quality and air purification
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Installation of Evaporator Coil, Expansion Valve, Condenser Coil, and Compressor
  • Retrofitting – replacing existing air conditioning units with more efficient ones
  • Redesigning of units to improve system efficiency and reliability

Horry & Georgetown SC Air Conditioning Maintenance

How do you know if your AC system needs repair? A few signs are:

  • Water leakage
  • Noise
  • Not all rooms are cooled.
  • Problems with humidity
  • You're air conditioner is more than 10 years old.

If you notice any of the above signs of a problematic air conditioning unit, call today at (843) 413-4424. We are a licensed HVAC contractor and will work until you are completely satisfied with your air conditioning system.

For All Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs, and Replacements in Myrtle Beach and Surrounding Areas call 843-314-4424 Today.