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Licensed Myrtle Beach Plumbers Performing Trenchless Pipe Bursting

Faster, productive trenchless pipe rehabilitation with minimal above ground disruption.

The Problem:

Worldwide deteriorating infrastructure. On an international scale, water, sewer, gas and other utilities are in need of replacement. Most are located in congested urban areas, under buildings, roadways or expensive landscape, and are surrounded by other utilities. Worldwide many systems have exceeded their useful life, have deteriorated and must be replaced.

Sewer Lines

  • Offset pipes, root intrusion and crowned and cracked pipes are causing system backups and leaking contaminants into the environment
  • Are under capacity due to urban growth
  • Infiltration and inflow (often from rain) are taxing treatment plant capacities - increasing treatment costs and creating outflow issues.

Water & Gas Lines

  • Become encrusted, capacity is reduced
  • Are corroded and leak - some systems experience a 40 percent water loss
  • Many are low-capacity because of growth population
  • Many are constructed of deteriorating pipes that leak

The Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Bursting

  • Pipe bursting can reduce excavation up to 85%
  • Follows the existing utility path
  • Reduces the potential damage to adjacent utilities
  • Is a preferred technology for upsizing existing pipes
  • Has fewer social costs and offers less traffic disruption
  • Reduces excavation & restoration costs
  • Allows installation of a new pipe
  • Reduces costs associated with utility relocation design

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Myrtle Beach Pipe Repairs

Traditional method:
The traditional way of busting up concrete and digging up your beautiful landscape.

New pipe bursting method:
The new way causes minimal disruption, saving your driveway and valuable landscaping.

Myrtle Beach SC Trenchless Pipe Bursting

To learn more and see the pipe bursting in action watch this informative video

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