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Myrtle Beach Commercial & Residential Pumping Services

Grease Traps

Restaurants and other food service businesses generate literally tons of cooking oil, grease and food wastes everyday. If this waste is not managed properly, it can cause major environmental problems. Liquid waste containing oil and grease dumped directly into the sewer, however, can block the system and cause wastewater to back up into the restaurant. This causes a DISRUPTION IN YOUR BUSINESS and a health hazard for you and your customers. If your business generates greasy wastewater, you can reduce the likelihood of a sewer back-up by adopting good housekeeping practices, reducing the amount of inappropriate wastes that go down your drains, by installing and properly maintaining a grease trap.

Storm Drains

Four Star's professional cleaning services can quickly eliminate your flooding problems by cleaning your clogged or dirty storm drains. Our vehicle is state-of-the-art and our service is prompt and reliable. In addition to solving your drainage problems with our cleaning services, Four Star offers a full range of services to inspect and repair pipelines. We can camera systems to provide video inspection of underground pipelines. We diagnose and repair minor troublespots before they become costly major problems.

Catch Basins

At a minimum, catch basins should be cleaned once or twice per year. Two studies suggest increasing the frequency of maintenance can improve the performance of catch basins, particularly in industrial or commercial areas. Annual sediment removed per inlet can be around 54 pounds for annual cleaning, 70 pounds for semi-annual and quarterly cleaning and 160 pounds for monthly cleaning. For catch basins draining industrial uses, monthly cleaning increased total annual sediment collected to six times the amount collected by annual cleaning (180lbs versus 30lbs). These results suggest that, at least for industrial uses, more frequent cleaning of catch basins may improve removal efficiency.

Septic Tanks

The removal of septic waste by cleaning the septic tank is a critical step in septic system care as it extends the life of the septic field. Even if you don't care how septic systems work you need to know when to clean the septic tank by pumping out septic waste. Onsite sewage disposal systems holding tanks, where there is no septic field, will need to be pumped more frequently based simply on the rate and volume of septic waste flow.

High Pressure Drain Jetting

The jetting of lines not only unblocks the pipe, but also clears it from any unwanted deposits and restores the pipe back to full flow. We drain jet for residential and commercial properties and service the entire Grand Strand and Georgetown County.

Horry SC High Pressure Drain Jetting

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